The ‘WAIT Incentive Token’ also known [WAIT] Token.

‘WAIT INCENTIVE TOKEN’ is a cryptocurrency focused incentive project development by originators plus select choice collaborative service agreement ‘Propel Digital Personal Service Corporation’ and also initiate ‘Propel Digital Private Services Corporation’ pursuant a ‘Doc Based Blockchain Workflow” where the infrastructure and originality is cultivated in a rugged form. “WAIT” and/or “WAIT INCENTIVE” innovate process integrating ‘Participation Awards’ and/or ‘Participation Awards Derrivative’ “development of “tools and resources ” from created workspace to vendor consumer multi-mediums industries. “WAIT TOKEN” and/or “WAIT INCENTIVE TOKEN” is also ‘PDPSC [PDPSC] Collaborative’ its governance is secured in initiatives by board agreement assisting participating and other initiatives by collaborative network. Projects developing by initiative sourced by an approved whitelist originators board governance all partly finance into “WAIT INCENTIVE TOKEN’ sometimes indefinitely.

What is our relationship to [WAIT] ‘WAIT Token Incentive’