Collaborative Insurance Partner Director


This is a simple, virtual product.

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Vaulted: 50%
Funds vested into standard portfolio of “Collabortive Insurance” is assessed to specifically amounts delegated by said package to Director managing allocations of the portion designated. This package itemizes to same allocations as “Collaborative Insurance” outside the vaulted amounts.


WalletOriginal Investment:Last Valuation:Profits:*Withdraw Capable:Last Report:
0x8388D55aB95B2bd8ebbC8C05e9F63391aB04D667$650 $650NewOpen9/15/2021

*Upon a client purchase will confirm funds and update these informations so your package details can be made available to you. Multiple purchases by the same client will be represented as single wallet. By making use of you are in agreement with our terms and use.


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