Having a hard time with getting in touch with the IRS since the arrival of pandemic benefits? 

Just two days ago I contacted the IRS Customer Service Number –800-829-4933  because as many shark tank inspired entrepreneurs and/or the sheer innovators that have decided to take a bullish start to a huge idea, in this case the huge idea of mine is to acquire several years for people to deliberate over a million dollar cryptocurrency. That was joke :). In all actuality I am suspicious of tax professionals allowing horror movie stars to see specific details like such as working for Toys R Us and/or Baby registars, either ways I have them caught red handed and decided to file a Freedom of Information Request from the I.R.S. Here is what I discovered:

1.) Very Shitty If You Lose Your EIN statement.

2.) Very Shitty If You Lose Your EIN number.

I know this list is very brief, but there are several people out there who are uninterested in financial information personal to be made available to the nearest spy kid and/or rich kid goonie scandalous aggravating pry eye. This is my personal insight.

I drafted a letter:


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